Our Lady Mugsy and Chacotay the Braveheart
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In Memory of Our Lady Mugsy
This site was initially a dedication to our 11 year old English Bulldog, Mugsy, who passed away, the morning of September 30, 2001, after a short illness. Today, Oct. 9, 2003, we add her last puppy, Chacotay.

Mugsy was a special girl, all she wanted was to love and be loved. Those little things she did, such as putting her head under your hand so she could have her head patted. She loved to have her ears rubbed, her stomach rubbed, and she would rest her head on your arm if you lay on the floor.

One of the special things she did that is missed, was during a meal, she would come in and watch us eat, we knowing she wanted a morsel, and we would give her something, and she would smack her mouth so loudly, like that was the best piece of food in the world, it could be one bean, and she acted like it was the best food in the world.

We miss her very much, we loved her as if she were one of our children.
Mugsy's Last Puppy!

November 16, 1996, Mugsy gave birth to 2 male bulldog puppies. One weighed 6 ounces, the other 7 ounces. Unfortunately, the 7 ounce puppy passed away 2 days later. The other puppy has had a happy life, and Mugsy sure was proud of him, they were always together. She would always make sure his face and ears were clean, and he would do the same with her. Where one was, the other would go. They were a pair throughout Mugsy's life, and Chacotay is extremely depressed about his Mama passing away. He looks for her, today. We had a time with him, he wouldn't eat or drink, and he has changed drastically, and is not the same puppy he was when Mugsy was here.

OCTOBER  9, 2003, Today we lost our Chacotay. We took him to our local veterinary teaching hospital for a checkup because he was having a difficult time breathing last night. We were ready to go home and they told us they would bring Chacotay out to us, within minutes, staff members came to get us and when we went back to patient area, our little guy was laying on his side and had stopped breathing. They were applying respirations and his little heart was winding down, we called out to him to let him know we were there, it was shortly after that his little heart stopped. He looked so frail laying there, and our tears began to flow. Now, he can be with Mugsy and continue those face licks and loving Mugsy the way he used too. He will be sorely missed by us. He was such a smart and happy little guy, and he brought a laugh and happiness to our life. He was always a welcome to all who came here, his little tail would go as fast as it could when he greeted others. He was quite a big boy at 75 pounds. As I write this it is almost 4 a.m., can't sleep, tears still flow, house seems empty without him. We miss you big buddy!  It is truly amazing a pet can have such impact in our daily lives, and the amount of love and care one gives too that pet. We could see the happiness in his eyes, and I know he was happy to be with us. Now, no more daily rides to get that Cappacino, no more fear of storms, no more smacking lips when you mention if he is hungry, just like Mugsy did.  Oh Cocoa, we wish it hadn't ended so soon. Please, care for your loved pet and enjoy them while you can, for their time with us isn't very long.



Our Lady Mugsy
The above picture was taken in April, 2001.

Mugsy with Chacotay
Often we would put Mugsy and Chacotay in shirts and bandanas. Here is Mugsy with Chacotay in their Hawaiian Shirts. We were off to the flea market when this picture was taken. As you can see, Chacotay was as large as Mugsy. Both were large bulldogs, Mugsy weighed 60 pounds, Chacotay weighed 64 pounds, at this time.
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We Thank Everyone who has taken the time to visit our site and enjoy our bulldog photos. I know Mugsy and Chacotay would have enjoyed the attention very much.

Again, Thank You!

Mugsy with Chacotay
This is Mugsy (in red) with Chacotay (in blue) on the way to the flea market, Spring of 2001.