Then came Daisy!
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Along Came MIss Daisy

The day of Mugsy's passing, we were supposed to go to the Renaissance Fair in Harveysburg. We headed south and the closer I got to Harveysburg, the more I didn't want to go to the fair. So, I swung in the flea market instead and decided to walk Chacotay through the market. Within a few minutes, a man saw our bulldog and approached, asking if we would be interested in a bulldog. I honestly wasn't in the mood for another bulldog. So we went on. For those of you that believe in something happening for a reason, this was one of those moments. A few weeks later, we were at the same flea market, and walking Chacotay when a man approached us. We talked Bulldogs for a while, and he said he knew a man that had a bulldog for sale. What the heck, we took the phone number and we called. He came out the next day and brought this little white female who was just a joy. She ran and jumped and played. She was a pretty thing with her bottom teeth sticking out. It took us a couple of days but we did bring her home.

This is one of my favorite images

This is the first photo we took of Daisy. She was half the size of Chacotay and the lovingest girl.

  The first photo of Chacotay and Daisy together.

Chacotay wasn't sure of Miss Daisy. We had not long ago lost Mugsy, his mom, and he was not responding to us. He lay and mourned his momma. She had been with him since his birth and such a sudden turn of events for him. When Daisy came he was at first kind of bossy and he didn't want her to lay where Mugsy used to lay. It wasn't long and he began to tolerate her.

Daisy was with us for about 5 1/2 years!

She was so active and a loving little girl. They were a part of the family. She loved to chase a ball, and run like the wind. We never crated them. There was a crate set up for them to get in and lay. It was rare they climbed in the crate, when they did, it was side by side.

Isn't she a sweetheart!