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How could you not love him!

Rolling in the grass. He would do this every morning when we would make our first outdoor venture for the day.

Favorite Sleeping Spot

When it was hot, Cocoa would always go to the bathroom to sleep. The A/C vent was beside him and it would blow on him.

Cocoa with his human mom.

Cocoa loved his human mom, and she loved him. If he heard her talking or she called him,  his ears moved forward and he was off. As he got older, he had to be with both of us. If one of us was outside, he had to go outside for a few minutes, then back inside to see what the other was doing.  

One of the last pictures, Sept. 1, 2003

This is one of the last pictures we have of Cocoa. He is with his human mom as she scrapes out the last of his food from his bowl. She made sure he was a clean plater.